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    About Neurofeedback


    BrainPaint®  Neurofeedback (or EEG-Biofeedback) is a sophisticated and sensitive system that trains neurological responses using immediate auditory and visual feedback. 


    When it comes to how we think and feel, the brain can get stuck in three different states.

    • Some brains get stuck in a state that is too sleepy (low motivation, poor cognitive processing, hard time main thing focus, talking and moving slow)

    • Some brains get stuck in a state that is too hyperactive (impulsive, difficulty focusing on one thing as the brain jumps from topic to topic

    • Some brains can get stuck in loops that play back traumas, fears, and anxieties. Across time more and more things are generalized and pulled into this loop, making the brain react negatively to progressively more experiences. 


    Neurofeedback trains the brain to regulate and function in ideal frequency states. Over time, this leads to a decrease of symptoms associated with parts of the brain that are functioning outside of those ideal frequencies.


    Neurofeedback is an effective and safe intervention that allows clients to achieve long-term success in managing their symptoms. One of the big advantages of neurofeedback training is that it does not require the use of prescription drugs or any sort of external brain stimulation. Instead, neurofeedback maximizes the brain’s capacity to learn new states of being, with specific, immediate feedback. And because the learning results are self-generated, clients can continue to experience positive results long after therapy has concluded. 



    There are decades of research supporting the efficacy of neurofeedback to reduce suffering across a wide range of symptoms:

    ADD/ADHD (adult and children) 


    Attention, Cognitive and Executive processes

    Autism Spectrum



    PTSD and Trauma


    Panic Attacks

    Seizure Disorders


    Traumatic brain injuries, Stroke/Aneurysm, Concussion




    Alpha-theta training for trauma


    We have selected the BrianPaint® neurofeedback system because of the unique implementation of alpha-theta protocols demonstrated in clinical studies to address the myriad effects of trauma. In our clinic we have witnessed alpha-theta protocols support both adults and children recover from some of the most complex forms of trauma, including early attachment traumas (foster, adoption) and developmental traumas (domestic abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and harsh adversity). 


    Developmental trauma can directly impact the brain structure and function, and those changes can last a lifetime. When you introduce neurofeedback you have the opportunity to retrain brain patterns and teach the brain to work both more efficiently but also more harmoniously. 



    Curious if neurofeedback can help you create your best life? Reach out for more info and to get scheduled!

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    Drake Institute for additional research and insight into how neurofeedback works.

    -BrainPaint website (I admit their user interface needs a refresh, but it has lots of exciting and helpful information)

    -Short YouTube video with Bill Scott who developed BrainPaint, the model that we use in our clinic.