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    Individual Intake Assessment (First Appointment)

    New clients receive a holistic review and customized treatment plan during the intake process, including:

    • Private access to a secure client portal for digital intake paperwork, scheduling and billing
    • A bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment (a holistic, high-level view of you as a whole person, historically and in the present moment)
    • Customized treatment plan to address both your current symptoms and your desired therapy outcomes.
    • An introduction to treatment modalities (i.e. what we actually do in therapy).

    $185 Individual Intake Assessment 

    $185 Couples Intake Assessment

    Therapy Sessions

    Therapy sessions are typically scheduled for 50-minutes, once weekly.

    However, some clients find great benefit from longer sessions, especially those who prefer more time to settle into depth work.

    In addition, clients who prefer to make more rapid shifts may choose twice weekly appointments, and may slow to weekly or bi-weekly sessions as changes begin to stabilize.

    $165 50-min 

    $225 80-min


    When I work with couples, I recommend scheduling longer sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

    Couples therapy sessions are extended compared to individual sessions because they involve navigating the intricate interplay of each partner’s unique history, experiences from past relationships, and the shared history of their current relationship, making it a more complex and nuanced process.

    It’s important to me that each partner gets ample space to be heard, without the rush of fitting it into 50 minutes. 

    $225 80-min couples


    Neurofeedback rates are established separately. Reach out to Regina to get more info if interested. 


    I am a private-pay (out-of-network) practitioner.

    Session payment is made through a secure autopay system in your Client Portal with a credit card, HSA, or FSA.

    Some insurance companies will reimburse or credit out-of-network providers if you submit a monthly superbill. I have partnered with Mentaya to help my clients save money on therapy. Use this tool below to see if you qualify for reimbursement for my services.