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    STAFF PAGE – Testimonials

    “I’m an adult with ADD symptoms. It wasn’t bad enough that I wanted to go the medication route, but it definitely made me distracted at work and annoyed the heck out of my wife. I did neurofeedback because I wanted to see if it could make things better without drugs – and it did! I stopped losing my keys and wallet all the time, I can finish my work projects on time and I even put my dirty clothes in the hamper. If thats not a miracle I dont know what is.”

    “After just a few sessions I can already feel my obsessionality decreasing and I’m able to let thoughts move through my mind without grabbing onto them.”

    “My son was struggling a lot – had a hard time making friends, couldn’t sit still, couldn’t shut his mind off at night, would make a lot of impulsive noise and butt in other people’s conversations and games. He finished neurofeedback about a year go and he is still maintaining his progress – he’s got great friends now, he can fall asleep easily, and he’s just so much more relaxed and aware of the world around him.”

    “Our five year old was about to get kicked out of daycare because of her impulsive behavior – hitting other kids, taking their toys away, screaming when she didn’t get her way. All of that slowly melted away.”

    “My daughter started getting night terrors around age 6. It was the worst feeling as a parent to be powerless to help her – we couldn’t wake her out of her bad dreams. It wasn’t long after starting neurofeedback that the night terrors went away – we woke up one morning realizing we all had a peaceful night of sleep!”

    “It used to take me up to two hours to fall asleep because I couldn’t shut my mind off at night. Now I can fall asleep easily – not even sure how long it takes anymore.”

    “I use neurofeedback to keep my mind sharp. I live a high-paced life and it helps me maximize my efficiency and ability to focus.”